Alleluia! He Rose From The Dead! Amen!

Have no fear! Matthew 28:10

Jesus rose from the dead! Alleluia! Amen!

When the women encountered our Risen Lord, they must have been frightened. They were expecting the end of a beautiful story, a story about a Jewish Rabbi who loved them and changed their lives. These women experienced the horror of His Passion and Death on the Cross. They came to the tomb to mourned and lovingly take care of His remains.

Shock Time: He is alive! Jesus Rose from the Dead!

This was a new beginning! What will that mean for them. Their plans were turned upside down! These women had to be told not to fear and get to work! Spread the Good News!

We are these women! There is no room for fear! Jesus Rose from the Dead and we have work to do. We must live the Victory of Jesus in our lives. People must see in the way we live that we serve a living God!

Be encouraged!