Be Vigilant and Pray!

We begin the New Liturgical Year 2021 and our lives have been changed in ways never expected. We had to worship in ways very different from the past. We worshiped using a computer screen, a tablet or smartphone. When we could enter the Church building, we has to wear face coverings and keep six feet apart. Yet with these challenges, we still worshiped.

Liturgy is life! For believers prayer is the center of our being. From this center arises our actions. This First Sunday of Advent, we are reminded to stay alert. Alertness has saved our lives at all times, especially during the Pandemic of 2020. To be ready for our Lord’s return, we must be conscious of ourselves and our surroundings. In being prepared to receive the Lord we save our lives!

May this Advent help us to be prepared for whatever comes our way!


The Kingdom of Love!

Lord, when did we see you hungry?
Matthew 25:37

We conclude the Year of the Liturgy 2020 Sunday 21 November 2020. It has been a difficult year in many ways. The Pandemic of 2020 has created a time that we had to approach life differently. Yet we are here to talk about it. This year has given us the opportunity to experience our lives, and our faith in ways that required safe practices and creativity.

However one thing remains the same, Jesus Christ is King and expects us to love one another as He loves us!

As our High Holy Days approach, even in this new reality that we are living in, we must live as people who follow Christ the King! As we have been doing during this Year of 2020, we must utilize safe behaviors and still love one another.

We are called to be the Sheep of Jesus!

Let us encouraged one another in love and may all people see what Kingdom we are citizens of!

Reign OverLet Jesus Reign over us and may how we live bring His Kingdom more present in our World today!

We Are Trusted With Our Talents!

Well done good and faithful servant…Come and share in your Master’s joy!
Matthew 25:23

Amen! What a wonderful grace to be told this by the Master!

The requirement for this reward is a life where the talents given us by the Almighty are used to the fullest extent possible.

As we come to the end of the Liturgical Year 2020, we are reminded of what is expected of us! We are to use our gifts to make a better world. Our talents are the means in which we bring love to the situations we are in. “Do the next right thing!” May we use our gifts in Righteousness!

We are all accountable to the Master; may we use our talents for the greater honor of the One who made us!

We are with you in the struggle!


Do We Have Enough Oil?

Therefore stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour.
Matthew 25:13

We must take Scripture personally! Jesus wants us to apply it to how we live. When we do this, we will find an inner peace that will allow us to get through anything.

The Parable of the Virgins is about us and the Bridegroom, Jesus. The Wedding is our final Union with Jesus for all eternity. This union is the purpose Jesus came to be with us. We must be ready to be received by Him at any moment. We never can be sure when Jesus will come to us and bring us to our true home with Him forever. We must have oil for our lamps.

We must keep our lamps full of this oil! This oil is given to us when we live in Love. Live Love! We cannot wait! Love one another today and be ready for the Bridegroom, Jesus!

As the Wise Virgins had each other for support, may we find support in one another.


To be with the Eternal One Forever!

The Souls of the just are in the hands of God.
Wisdom 3:1

We believe in life and in a God that wants us to be alive with God forever. God sent Jesus to bring us back to God forever. Because of our situation in the World we became separated from the Divine and Jesus gave us the way back to the Divine, that is, to follow the Way, the Truth and the Life, Jesus Himself.

These are they who came out of the great tribulation and have washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb.
Rev 7:14

We are washed clean in the Blood of Jesus! Our part is to surrender our will to His Will and He will take over!

It is the desire of our community, Our Lady of Mount Caritas, that everyone will be numbered in those who are washed clean in the Blood of Jesus and be with God forever. This is our intention for you at Holy Mass.

We also pray for those who have gone before us for the month of November. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, Rest In Peace!



You shall love the Lord your God, with all of your heart, with all your soul and all your mind…You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
Mt 22:37-39

Love has to begin with us! One of the greatest challenges is to love your neighbor. It much easier to ignore them. But our Lord Jesus reminds us that we cannot love God without love of the neighbor. Jesus created a community of love and that love changes the World.

We are still in the midst of the Pandemic of 2020. There seems to be no end to it in the foreseeable future. Our love must be adapted to our present situation.

What can we do to be instruments of love? We all have opportunities to live out the Commandments of Love. This is our choice and our obligation. The first thing we can do is to be always kind. If this is all we can do, it is enough. Kindness will change the World!

What our little community does to live this love is to pray and if anyone needs to talk, they will find a kind ear here and kind words to share.

Let us be a community of kindness!

We are here for you!


Real Love

Today we are not familiar with the Jewish way of speaking at the time of Jesus. Jesus explains that His message will divide people. His message of love makes enemies because people do not want to love. Hate is more popular. When we love one another we are united. If we hate, we are divided. Love anyway, even if that means there is division. Love people back into unity.


All Belongs to the Creator!

Give to God what belongs to God!
Matthew 22:21

The leaders of the Jesus’ faith tradition tried to trick Him in speech. What do you do? Do you give to Caesar, that is to the legal authorities, or to give to God? This is a complicated question because at its base is where are our loyalties? Jesus did not fall for this trick and we should not also. Everything belongs to the Creator and everyone has a role to play in the Creator’s World. When we give to Caesar, we give to him for the job that he is responsible to do, that is to protect us. Tiberius Caesar may not be the best example of a ruler, but he was still the ruler and his tax was appropriate to be paid.

There is a much better foreign ruler in Jewish History. We read abut him in the Book of the prophet Isaiah 45: 1-6. Cyrus the Great brought liberty to captives and was the instrument of God to the World. It was he that released Jesus’ people from bondage in Babylon and sent them back to the Holy Land and rebuild their country. However Cyrus did not know God. There is a Divine Plan and that Plan will be accomplished even when it seems impossible. Our part is to be faithful and have Total Trust!

All belongs to the Creator, we fulfill our responsibilities and in doing so, we give to God what belongs to God!

We pray with you that our home, our country, will find healing and peace.


Be Covered in Righteousness!

Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us another parable, the Parable of the Wedding Banquet, St. Matthew 32:1-14. Here again He is speaking the leaders of His people. Jesus used the image of the Wedding Banquet which would be familiar to His people.

Jesus took the Wedding Story that is found in accounts like the one found in the Prophet Isaiah 25:6-10. This particular prophecy brings hope to the listener. We see in it this soothing statement:

He will swallow up death forever, and the Lord God will wipe all tears away…
Is 25:8.

This is fulfilled in Our Lord Jesus!However, the leaders of His people did not, for the most part, come into the Banquet. In Jesus, all are invited to the Great Banquet Hall, and we are they!

This Grand Celebration is free of charge, but there is one requirement: there is a dress code. That too is given freely, we are cloth in it in our Baptism. The challenge is keeping this garment pristine. This too is a free gift, to maintain our Baptism Clothing we must surrender our lives to Jesus.

We help each other in keeping our garments ready to be with Jesus at this Grand Banquet of Faith! Here Jesus will wipe every tear away!

Be encouraged!

We, the Community of Our Lady of Mount Caritas are with you in prayer


The Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

Make Us Instruments of Peace!

When the vintage time drew near, He sent His servants to the tenants to obtain His produce.
Mt 21:34

In our parable today, Jesus challenges the officials of His religion about how they are working in the in the Vineyard of the Almighty. Jesus showed them that they were not working for the Owner and giving the produce due Him. The Almighty expects produce from His tenants. If they had truly realized that they had to follow the wishes of the Owner and not theirs, they would be good tenants. They would have produced the fruits of Love and Peace from the vineyard that was entrusted to their care.

The challenge did not stop over 2,000 years ago. The challenge is what we have to ask ourselves each night before we go to bed (our examination of our actions of the day). Are we good tenants? Did our actions work toward Peace and Love?

Today we celebrate a great saint who took this challenge seriously and through his actions, still produce fruit pleasing to the Owner of the Vineyard. St. Francis of Assisi give us, by his actions and words, what a Good Tenant is all about.

We are with you in prayer!