Love and Peace

We have experienced and continue to experience a world that is so different from what we are accustomed to. Our emotions may vary radically from one moment to another. But Jesus has the means that we can use to be sane and survive and perhaps prosper during the upheaval caused by by COVID-19 and the senseless murders of persons by public servants; the Love Principle.

The Love Principle is a decision not to join the hate that comes from terrible situations. It is an individual decision to be kind and build up people and make a better world by what one chooses to do in response to terrible situations. Examples we see all around us: people volunteering in food pantries, individuals making sure that the most vulnerable have their needs met, or simply wearing a mask to stop the spread of the Virus.

Choose to Love as Jesus loves, this can be dangerous, Jesus died for it but the choice brings inner peace.

We Will Have To Deal With Suffering!

For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that be the Will of God, than for doing evil. 1 Peter 3:17

This season of the Pandemic of 2020 is truly a time of suffering. But as with all time, we have a choice to make. The choice comes to doing good are evil. The suffering will happen regardless of whatever choices we make in our relationship to ourselves or others. However, the result of our decisions makes a world of difference. If we choose to be kind and loving in our suffering, we will remain in peace. We can make the World a better place in this time of travail. Kindness and love are always the weapons of peace.

The Eternal one will never leave or forsake us. May we never leave or forsake the Eternal one by choosing not to be kind and loving!

The Community of Our Lady of Mount Caritas are with you in prayer.


Mother’s Day 2020

Do not let your hearts be troubled, you have faith in God, have also faith in Me. In My Father’s House there are many dwelling places. St. John 14:1-2.

During this year 2020, if we choose to survive, we must return to the basics. The home is center once again. We work, we play and we live together. Our celebrations are different during this season. Today, Mother’s Day, is a Day is usually busy traveling to see our significant women in our lives. However, today, there are fewer car ride, bus trips, big family gatherings and special services honoring our Mothers in our houses of worship. We must honor these women where we are in our locations of Quarantine.

We , hopefully, will spend some time thinking, praying and loving the significant women of our lives. It a wonderful and blessed time to thank the Almighty for these women who have created the dwelling place of the Almighty in our hearts. For many of us, the true Church is the Domestic Church created through the relationship of these significant women who formed us and continue to challenge us to live lives of love.

Your significant people and yourselves are remembered In our dwelling place of Father God.


We Reveal Who We Are!

In the Gospel of St. Matthew 7:3, why do you look at the spec in you neighbor’s eye when you have a log in your own eye?

This selection reminds us that when we talk ill about someone, we are saying more about ourselves than about the person we are referring to. Judgement belongs to the Eternal One.

Love not judgement is what is appropriate for our relationships. However, love does not mean to be abused by someone. It is important to walk away from someone who cannot love you. We remain in love, but from a distance. We conquer all with love!


Stay in love, love of yourself and love for your neighbor.

Were not our hearts burning with love!

Today, on this Third Sunday of Easter, we enter spiritually into the Road to Emmaus, a story found in St. Luke’s Gospel. The Resurrected Lord Jesus ministered to Disciples of His that given up hope. In their encounter with Him, hope was reborn and they returned to work for the Divine Kingdom!

We may, in these many weeks of confinement, because of the Covid-19 virus, find new hope in opening up the Word and reading the Scriptures. We can receive new hope in these troubling times that in the final analysis, we will rise again!

We at The Hermitage of Peace are with you in prayer.

Be well and be safe!


The Domestic Church, the Family Reigns!

Happy Mercy Sunday!

During this time of Virus of 2020, we are home and that is the safe way to be. It is the best way to combat the Covid-19 disease. However, this home living forces us to return to a world that most of us have never lived before. For Religious People, to be home, by themselves or with their immediate love ones and not in the places of worship in these Holy Day, is very strange.

However, the truth is that faith is not dependent on things outside of the home. It begins in the home and now it returns to the home. We hope that it is just for a while until the virus passes over. May our Family Churches sustain us through this time waiting.


Easter in Covid-19

Most people who are celebrating this Holy Season are doing so at home. Many of these same people have lost love ones during this time or have people in their lives who has lost people. The idea of more than 700 souls lost in one day in New York State is beyond many people’s imagination. It is a surreal time. How does one celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ in this situation?

There is no easy answer but the celebrating must go on. The Corona Virus is not the end. If we are safe, we will be well. This is our hope and through this hope we as a people will resurrect! The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus tells us that death does not have the final say in our lives. We will rise again!

The Community of Our Lady of Mount Caritas is with you all in prayer. Positive vibes are being sent out. We will get through this!