Alleluia! Amen!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

He is not here; He is Risen, as He said.
Matthew 28:6

Today we celebrate Victory! The Eternal One, the Creator, became one of us in Jesus. We are to become on with the Eternal One through Jesus! Humankind chose death and nailed Life to the Cross and Life was buried in a tomb.

Great and marvelous things can happen in three days!

Life destroys the tomb and today we celebrate that Victory!

What does this tell us about ourselves. When the forces of death nails us to the Cross, our response is to follow Jesus! We know that forces of death will be destroyed! Have Total Trust in the power of the Resurrection!

Be encouraged!

Happy Easter! You and your love ones are with us in prayer all of Eastertide!


Hosanna in the Highest!

We will follow Him!

And being found in human form He humble Himself and was obedient unto death…
Phil 2:8

Happy Palm Sunday!

Here we are again! Last year we were locked in our homes in protection from the Pandemic and now, though limited, we are able to come together and experience this sacred time with some physical contact with others, our reality is that Jesus is Lord whatever the situation in our lives is!

No matter what we have to deal with and we know that things can get horrible, we do not lose sight of Jesus! Jesús is the Way that we shall deal with the realities of life. He humbled Himself, God-with- us, so that we can be us-with-God!

Let us walk with Jesus this week! Let us learn who we are and to whom we belong!

We are with you in prayer.


Live the Passion!

Happy Passion Sunday!

The Fifth Week of Lent leads us to a deeper contemplation of the Passion of Jesus. This is the traditional time of covering the images in church. We narrow our focus on these last days of Jesus in the flesh before Palm Sunday and Holy Week.

St. John 12:24, a key verse in our Gospel Reading today, reminds us to allow ourselves to be transformed, to die to ourselves and become useful to the Almighty! If our shell, our ego, can be surrendered, then like a grain of wheat, we can become an instrument to bare fruit.

Let us find time today and every day this week, to meditate on the Lord’s Passion and allow ourselves to be changed!

We are with you in this surrendering of our wills.

Be blest!


Struggle Refines Us!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick is a wonderful example of how we can deal with the reality of suffering for a righteous cause. He freedom was taken away from him and was abused yet instead of it destroying him, it refined him and prepared him to change his world!

We have a choose, become bitter and be defeated or grow a find our victory over oppressive forces. Choose victory!


St. John 3:16

Let us rejoice!

St. John 3: 14-21

Our Gospel for today is possibly the most quoted Gospel selection used. This is especially the case for a key part of it, John 3:16. This verse brings so much joy because it tell us, not matter what we have done in the past, no matter whatever we do in the future, we are Loved!

Eternal Life begins now! When we receive the Love that has been given us by the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus, and live in this reality, we are eternal. Death, then, is only a doorway to continued life with the Lord. Living in Jesus changes how we approach relationships and our actions. We live a new life without end, because Jesus Won the Victory over death! To quote St. Paul: “O death where is thy sting or grave thy victory.” 1 Cor 15: 55-57

As we enter that final weeks in Lent 2021, and we have gone through a most difficult year 2020, be encouraged by the fact that death has been conquered and we share in that Victory!


No Short Cuts!

From a dear Friend:

Embrace love, joy and peace. Do not take shortcuts – you will get cut short. Bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Be marked by faithfulness, self control and gentleness. Receive abundantly what you need to bear fruit. It is always available as long as you have a relationship with God. Align your life with what the Holy Spirit has for you. With Christ all things are possible. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in you. Stay connected to the Source. The more time you spend with God, the more time you can learn and pick up His good habits. Let God do incredible and miraculous things in you. Enjoy the journey and follow through. You are deserving of an abundant life. You matter and you are loved. Blessings 💙