Holy, Holy, Holy!

Happy Most Holy Trinity Sunday!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

This is the love affair our Creator initiated with us. We celebrate this when we celebrate the Holy Trinity. The Father sent the Son through the power of Holy Spirit. The Creator has wrapped us in the love affair that is eternal. We have the choice to join this love exchange and live eternally, and eternity begins now, if we surrender ourselves and join Jesus, the Son.

When we join this Trinitarian Love Affair, our lives change. Many people try to find love and often they find it in the wrong places, yet if our first love is in God’s perfect love, we can deal with the disappointments that human love can bring to us.

When we join the Divine Love, we have to rise to the challenge of that Love! We must love our sisters and brothers! These sisters and brothers might hurt us, but if we faithfully follow the Divine Love, we return love to those who hurt us! Jesus showed us what this love looked like on the Cross when He forgave those who murdered Him.

Living in the Trinity means to become like Jesus!

Loving in the Divine Way requires Supernatural Power and that power is provided by the Holy Spirit that allows Jesus to be reborn in us!

God loves us first, God invites us to join in this love affair, and when we surrender to Divine Love we become love itself. This Love changes the world in the way we live! May we be the Love-change the world so desperately needs!

“Finally, sisters and brothers, rejoice. Mend your ways, heed my appeal, agree with one another, live in peace, and the God of love and peace will be with you.”
2 Corinthians 13:11



The Divine Presence Is Available!

Receive God’s Spirit!

Change Your World!

Jesus said to them, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I send you.”

And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit. “

John 20: 21-22

Today brings Eastertide to a close. We close with the receiving of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Divine! With this Divine Presence we can continue the Way of Love and Peace that the Divine Presence entered into our world in Jesus Christ Our Lord.

God the Father sent God the Son, in Jesus, to live among us and show us by word and deed what Divine Living is all about, Total Trust in God! Trust includes the choice of love even in times of hate.

We are to be other Christs!

Jesus was conceived in the womb of Mary, we as other Christs, we were conceived at Pentecost when the Divine Spirit came in power and entered us!

However, there is a great challenge for us here!

Do not block the Divine Spirit!

Jesus did not hate anyone! Remember on the Cross when He was falsely accused, scourged and carried His instrument of execution, He said;

“Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Luke 23: 34

Hate blocks the Divine Presence!

May we be vessels of the Divine Presence, may we experience Pentecost always, and be the change in the world that Love brings!


Again, Happy Pentecost Sunday!


May We Be One!

Thank You Jesus!

And now I am no more in the world, but they are in the world, and I am coming to Thee. Holy Father, keep them in Thy Name, which Thou hast given Me, that they may be one, even as We are one.
John 17:11

The Eastertide is coming to a close; one Sunday away from Pentecost. We have come to this point that the Incarnation, Life, Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus is made clear to us who follow Him.

We are called to be one with the Creator of all things!

The work of salvation has one purpose and that is union with the One who loves us and brought us into being.

Jesus Ascended and is seated at the Right Hand of the Creator and He brings us there.

“When two or more are gathered in My Name, I am there in their midst.”
Matthew 18:20

Jesus is everywhere! His followers make Him present in the world and they will do His Will!

May we be His presence in the here and now and may we all be one!

Thank you for bringing Jesus here and may we be the change that the Creator wants in the world!



Live Love!

Live Jesus’ Commandments!

“Whoever has My commandments and observes them is the one who loves Me. And whoever loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love them and reveal Myself to them.”
John 14:21

Love is an action word!

Love is such a huge concept and can be miss leading if it is not concrete in the way we treat each other. God concretely made the universe and this was an act of love. However, we may choose to not love and destroy the creation, including ourselves.

God entered into the world that God created to model for us what love means. Jesus is that model of love that God wants. However, this love challenged how the culture of sin and death controlled human relations, and those in power nailed Love, Jesus, to the Cross.

But Love Wins!

Love could not be kept in the tomb! God will not stay dead!

Love Wins!

If we want to be on the winning side, then we must keep the Commandments! The Commandments are God’s Love in concrete form! When we keep the Commandments, we are in God! And here is where True Peace Reigns!

Today we celebrate in the USA, Mother’s Day. This is one of the most important days of the year. Why? Simply because Mothers teach us how to love, and in doing so, brings us into the great Love Affair with God. Mothers keeps us growing and loving, and protects us from being overwhelmed by the hate in the world! Mothers create the home that we carry with us!

Have an amazing Mother’s Day!



Be A Blessing!

Be The Change In The World!
Make A Difference!

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these, because I am going to the Father.”
John 14:12

The Resurrection of Jesus must change us!

Our Lord Jesus destroyed the power of death and is the Victory of Love, and for those who follow Him, that must determine how we live. Jesus’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection creates in us the New Person! The Person of Love!

As people of the Resurrection we must live the Resurrection in the way we treat one another.

There is no place for hating other people in our lives. The Cross reminds us to forgive those who hurt us and to pray for them.

However, we must love ourselves too! We must be People of Divine Love, but sometimes that means to love some people from a distance. Not all people are living the Way of Divine Love, and we cannot change them!

Jesus, in the Gospel reading of today, reminds us that He will work through us. In doing so, Jesus, who rose two thousand years ago, is present in us.

People often do not change because of the words that we say, rather they may change by the way that they experience in us Jesus!

Be the encounter with Jesus that the world needs today! Be the face of Jesus today! Be the change that we want in the world!



Lord, You Be Shepherd!

Lord, You Be My Shepherd!
I Will Be An Obedient Sheep!

“I came that you may have life and have it abundantly.”
John 10:10

The Good Shepherd

Jesus reveals to us the way to abundant life. But this road is often not easy. It is a road full of pitfalls and dangers, but that is the human situation. However, the key is that we are able to go through the difficulties with the help of our guide, Jesus!

The Good Life

To live a life of peace, it must come from what is internal. The situations that we encounter oftentimes are unexpected and may be challenging, but if we walk in love, we can meet the challenges. If we follow Jesus, who is Love, we will walk in love and remain in peace.

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
Mark 12:31

When we strive for this, we are following the Good Shepherd. However, things can get in the way. Our emotions have power and they may lead to actions that take us away from Jesus’ flock. He will seek us out!

The Good Shepherd is ever faithful, may we be the same!



Jesus Is With Us!

May We Recognize Him On Our Journey In Life!

While they were talking and discussing with one another, Jesus drew near and went with them.
Luke 24:15

They were not alone in their distress.

The Disciples of Jesus were returning to their old lives. They were defeated. They were on the road to Emmaus. Their hope was gone, Jesus! Their hope, the one they gave up their former lives to follow, Jesus, was nailed to the Cross, suffered death, and was buried. There was tremendous sadness! All hope for them died on that Cross!

Jesus was available to them!

Death was defeated, but these disciples did not know this. But this fact would be made available to them. They welcomed the stranger, but the stranger was the Lord. Their defeat was transformed into Victory on that road!

We are disciples today!

In our journey in life, there will be times when we feel defeated. There will be times that hope is lost. Trust, we have not been abandoned! May we be open to recognized Jesus who is there on our journey and allow Him to bring us Victory.



Be Mercy!

Be Sendable!

Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father sent me, even so I send you.”
John 20: 21

The Eigth Day of Easter is called the Sunday of Divine Mercy by many Christians and it is a powerful concept. Mercy is key in our understanding of the life and mission of Jesus. He is Mercy and He calls His followers to be Mercy too!

However, for us to be Mercy, there must be a countercultural presence in how we are and how we treat people.

Mercy and forgiveness are interrelated. We can not be mercy if we do not forgive those who have hurt us.

Jesus said from the Cross:

“Father forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing.”.
Luke 23:34

Jesus is the Divine Psychologist and Sociologist! Jesus knew very well that the actions of people against Him and His message was related to what was going on in their lives. The people who put Him on the Cross, though they were murderers, did not know and understand who they were dealing with. Jesus forgave them! Jesus had Divine Mercy available to them, if they would only come to receive it.

We are called to be Jesuslike! A mature Christian works to understand that people come out of cultural makeup and make judgements out of this base. We struggle to forgive those who have been mean to us, remembering the words from the Lord’s Prayer:
“Forgive us our trespasses and we forgive those who trespass against us.”

We cannot change the world, but we can be the change!

Again, Happy Mercy Sunday!



Jesus Frees Us!

Live In Freedom!

“It Is Finished!”
John 19:30

Happy and Glorious Holy Saturday!

On Good Friday Jesus finish recreating Creation! He took Six Days of Holy Week and He took the Sabbath Rest. We rest in silence in all anticipation for His Glorious Resurrection on the Eighth Day, Resurrection Sunday!

Jesus took all creation with Him, the dead, the living and those who would come in the future. All creation was recreated in Him! Jesus opened the Doors of Heaven! All are welcome to come in. The key is simple:

“A new commandment I give to you: Love one another. As I have loved you, you must love one another.”
John 13:34

May we meditate on Jesus’ Love! May we live His Love!
May we share in Love that leads to Victory and Freedom!

In the final analysis: LOVE WINS!



Happy Palm Sunday!

Love Still Wins!

And the crowds that went before Him and those that followed Him were shouting, “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!”
Matthew 21: 9

People can be fickle!

What a glorious scene of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem! It is a scene that brings joy to the heart, and has been doing so for almost two thousand years! This day is celebrated with such pomp and circumstance throughout most of the world and the symbol of palms are brought back to the homes to remember how great a celebration of this day is.

Yet we know that this same week would end with the Lord Jesus being nailed to the Cross! How quickly people change!

However, one thing did not change, the Love that flowed out from Jesus remained constant though out, even to the end, as He said:

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
Luke 23:34

Jesus had total trust in the Father! Jesus surrendered all to the Divine Will and Love!

Love Wins!

We know the end of the story! On the Eighth Day, that Sunday Most Glorious, Jesus Rose From The Dead! Hate loses!

Our Story and His Story!

We live in the world when people can be good to us or mean to us. But we have the model of Jesus to follow. If we live like Him, no matter what we have to go through, Love Wins! We will have the final Victory!


Happy Palm Sunday!