Be Free!

At this time of Global Distress, may we be free from all hate and be full of love. There is great power in love. Love put to work protects us and all those around us.

Pray, give good vibes and be prudent in all actions. The Community of Mount Caritas wish you peace and love.

Change Perspective!

Many things will happen to us. Our peace is often found on how we experience a situation. Is the situation an end or a new beginning, a new normal? Choose a new beginning and grown and flower where we are planted.

In this time of the Coronavirus, we can choose to be sad and stay there or choose this time to make us better people. It is our choice.


Peace through acceptance

Will you be the judge I never had and give me the trial I never experienced?

It is so easy to judge. But do we know the full story? The person who is judged wrongly but have no means of showing innocence because the means to do that was not given, must find peace in acceptance. It does not serve that person to hate. Love triumphs over hate and peace is restored. Peace and love.