Be Your Best Self!

Follow Jesus!

“And I have seen and bore witness that is the Son of God!”

John the Baptist was truly a prophet! He knew himself and would be faithful, even unto death! He lived his true self! When he said that Jesus is the Son of God, he meant it with his life!

We begin again the new year, we will have challenges to deal with, how will we respond to these challenges? Will we respond like John the Baptist and possibly lose our heads , literally or figuratively, because we choose to be our best selves? Will we love those who hurt us?

Tomorrow, we in the United Stated, have a holiday honoring the memory and legacy of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He is a modern day example of someone who lived his best self and was murdered because of it.

How should we celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr?

Follow Jesus! That means love everyone, including those who hurt you! Be love!


Be St. John Like

Change the Narrative!

“This is he of whom it is written, ‘Behold, I send my messenger before my face, who shall prepare your way before you.’”
Matthew 11:10

Jesus needed His cousin St. John the Baptist! St. John was to prepare the way for the ministry of Jesus. He was a prophet, the last Prophet of the Old Testament, Jesus begins the Nee Testament with His life and ministry.

St. John’s preparation was very clear for those who could hear him. His message was revealed in all that was about him. Even the clothing he wore and the food he ate revealed a radical turn to the Divine.

To make the way to receive the Lord, we must repent of the things that block the Divine Presence in our lives!

Repentance is important and we must remove the things that keep us from receiving Jesus in our lives!

We must be St. John like in the way we live, in our total being! We may be the only ones who can bring Jesus to people.

May we be the best St. John like people, because the world is in desperate need of the peace, joy, and love that Jesus brings!