Lord, Come To Our Assistance!

Lord, Make Haste To Help Us!

“Give us each day our daily bread.”
Luke 11:3

When a Disciple ask Jesus to give us a prayer, he was speaking for all people, everywhere, and for all time! We need to enter the intimate world of Jesus, for in Him, we find peace.

The Prayer of Jesus is one of intimacy with Father God, Papá Dios! God the Father is our Daddy God who loves us unconditionally. Jesus revealed this Divine Relationship with us, and it is awesome! It is mind blowing that that the Almighty Creator wants a personal relationship with us! This reality must change us!

The problem is , the Lord’s Prayer becomes something that is often a meaningless recitation of words, rather than an intimate, meaningful, communication with Daddy.

May we renew our relationship with Daddy, the Almighty Creator, and know each one of us is special, and that we treat each other as member of this love relationship with the Intimate Divine One!

We are One Family under Daddy! May we live the Love, and Message of the Lord Jesus!