We Can All Make A Difference!

Today, as I return from the Monastery where I am Prior, I saw a former student I taught 40 years ago. Now he has white hair. He was picking up things in my neighborhood in Queens, N. Y. This is common practice because some people make their living picking up cans and bottles for the deposit money that they provide. However, this man was picking up garbage. Why?

I observed this man carefully, though he did not see me. I realized that he was cleaning the street. People just throw things on the ground, not caring about the environment. Why did my former student do this work? Did he not know that he will only make a small dent in changing the world?

My former student taught me a very important lesson. I can talk about how people treat the Earth, but my words are just that, words. He is making a difference. For those who want to see, he is speaking powerfully. I was humbled and taught by my former student. I was told that we all can make a difference and I am sharing this lesson with you. Let us save our home.


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