Mother’s Day 2020

Do not let your hearts be troubled, you have faith in God, have also faith in Me. In My Father’s House there are many dwelling places. St. John 14:1-2.

During this year 2020, if we choose to survive, we must return to the basics. The home is center once again. We work, we play and we live together. Our celebrations are different during this season. Today, Mother’s Day, is a Day is usually busy traveling to see our significant women in our lives. However, today, there are fewer car ride, bus trips, big family gatherings and special services honoring our Mothers in our houses of worship. We must honor these women where we are in our locations of Quarantine.

We , hopefully, will spend some time thinking, praying and loving the significant women of our lives. It a wonderful and blessed time to thank the Almighty for these women who have created the dwelling place of the Almighty in our hearts. For many of us, the true Church is the Domestic Church created through the relationship of these significant women who formed us and continue to challenge us to live lives of love.

Your significant people and yourselves are remembered In our dwelling place of Father God.


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