Give what you have and change the World!

Give the people some food yourselves!

Matthew 14:13-21

Jesus wants to feed all of us! In our Gospel reading we see Jesus feeding the 5,000. He is concerned if people go home, they would be too weak and may collapse during their journey from lack of nutrition. His love is practical and He expects those who are His disciples to be practical too.

In this scene we see that the Disciples were at a loss about feeding the multitude. They realized that their resources were insufficient for the task. They were depending on their own abilities and they knew they would fail. However, Jesus asked them to give what they have and to trust in Him. We know the result of this trust.

We are Jesus’ disciples today! He asks us to give Him what we have and He will do the rest. Total Trust in Jesus.

Our Ministry at Our Lady of Mount Caritas is based on Total Trust in Jesus. We know that if it is His Holy Will, He will provide for our needs to do the Ministry of feeding the poor and praying for all of your intentions.

You are with us in prayer!


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