All Belongs to the Creator!

Give to God what belongs to God!
Matthew 22:21

The leaders of the Jesus’ faith tradition tried to trick Him in speech. What do you do? Do you give to Caesar, that is to the legal authorities, or to give to God? This is a complicated question because at its base is where are our loyalties? Jesus did not fall for this trick and we should not also. Everything belongs to the Creator and everyone has a role to play in the Creator’s World. When we give to Caesar, we give to him for the job that he is responsible to do, that is to protect us. Tiberius Caesar may not be the best example of a ruler, but he was still the ruler and his tax was appropriate to be paid.

There is a much better foreign ruler in Jewish History. We read abut him in the Book of the prophet Isaiah 45: 1-6. Cyrus the Great brought liberty to captives and was the instrument of God to the World. It was he that released Jesus’ people from bondage in Babylon and sent them back to the Holy Land and rebuild their country. However Cyrus did not know God. There is a Divine Plan and that Plan will be accomplished even when it seems impossible. Our part is to be faithful and have Total Trust!

All belongs to the Creator, we fulfill our responsibilities and in doing so, we give to God what belongs to God!

We pray with you that our home, our country, will find healing and peace.


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