Comfort, comfort my people, says your God!
Isaiah 40:1

We need Advent! This time of the Pandemic of 2020, we are experiencing Advent in a much different way, yet the Almighty wants to bring comfort to us in the pain that much of the world is experiencing right now.

Every valley shall be exalted and every mountain and hill made low.
Isaiah 40:4

The Almighty with destroy everything that keeps the Almighty’s Presence from us. The Birth of Jesus is not only a historical event, it is a reality of our lives in the here and now! Jesus desires to be born in our lives right now!

Prepare the way of the Lord!
Mark 1:3

We must be able to receive the gift of Jesus in whatever struggles we may be going through and we know that this year is full of struggles. We may have the fear of losing everything. This is legitimate but when we stay in fear we are lost. If we prepare our lives to receive Jesus, we can move forward in Trust and help change our situation. There is hope!

May we be the Beloved Community that Jesus came and is coming to create! May we be one!

Happy Second Sunday of Advent!


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