St. John 3:16

Let us rejoice!

St. John 3: 14-21

Our Gospel for today is possibly the most quoted Gospel selection used. This is especially the case for a key part of it, John 3:16. This verse brings so much joy because it tell us, not matter what we have done in the past, no matter whatever we do in the future, we are Loved!

Eternal Life begins now! When we receive the Love that has been given us by the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus, and live in this reality, we are eternal. Death, then, is only a doorway to continued life with the Lord. Living in Jesus changes how we approach relationships and our actions. We live a new life without end, because Jesus Won the Victory over death! To quote St. Paul: “O death where is thy sting or grave thy victory.” 1 Cor 15: 55-57

As we enter that final weeks in Lent 2021, and we have gone through a most difficult year 2020, be encouraged by the fact that death has been conquered and we share in that Victory!


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