Hosanna in the Highest!

We will follow Him!

And being found in human form He humble Himself and was obedient unto death…
Phil 2:8

Happy Palm Sunday!

Here we are again! Last year we were locked in our homes in protection from the Pandemic and now, though limited, we are able to come together and experience this sacred time with some physical contact with others, our reality is that Jesus is Lord whatever the situation in our lives is!

No matter what we have to deal with and we know that things can get horrible, we do not lose sight of Jesus! Jesús is the Way that we shall deal with the realities of life. He humbled Himself, God-with- us, so that we can be us-with-God!

Let us walk with Jesus this week! Let us learn who we are and to whom we belong!

We are with you in prayer.



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