Be Opened!

Sunday Blessings!

And He open their minds to understand the Scriptures.
St. Luke 24:45

To understand the Sacred Scriptures, the Holy Spirit must give us this grace. Otherwise Scripture becomes literature. We need the spiritual wealth of the Scripture to live the life of Holiness, our oneness with the Divine.

In the Gospel selection St. Luke 24:35-48, we experience a group of the disciples of Jesus who were in the presence of their Resurrected Lord. The situation was much more than human understanding could fathom. They needed Jesus to open their minds to the Scriptures. In doing so, Jesus prepared them to be the witnesses to the hope that only Jesus can bring.

Through these Disciples, we enter into the hope that only Jesus can give; we have Divine Hope in a world that often seems hopeless. We move forward in faith!


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