We Will Be Safe!

Happy Good Shepherd Sunday!

I will lay down my life for the sheep.
St. John 10:15

We are progressing in our Eastertide. Today we enter into our Lord laying down His life so that we may live in Him. The Cross is the ultimate laying down of ones life. Jesus brought all of us with Him. He continues to guide us to the cross; our life realities. But He does not leave us there! We join Him and because He is God, He rose from the dead. So will we!

In Jesus we find safe passage!

The Good Shepherd, our Emmanuel, our God with us, knows our struggles. He has experienced them Himself! When we follow Him we move from death to life!

This is not some far off reality, but our daily reality! In Jesus, no matter what cross we must deal with, we will rise from it!

We follow the Good Shepherd to VICTORY!



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