Jesus is Compassionate!

Happy Sunday!

Jesus looked at the multitude and had compassion on them.
Mark 6:34

The Heart of Jesus is full of love!

Jesus looked on the people of His day and wanted to heal them. They were lost in their day to day struggles. They needed His Way; they needed the Way of Peace. Only He and those that follow Him could lead to that Peace. This Peace is found in the Love that Jesus modeled in His life; a Love that is willing to die for the beloved. This Total Love and Total Trust led Jesus to the Cross! This Love heals!

Jesus is Alive and He Reigns!

Jesus looks at us today and has compassion! He wants to teach us His way, the Way of Peace. We have struggled through the Pandemic, we still have weather conditions that are terrible and often life threatening. We have human made structures that fail us. We may be brought to the brink of despair! Jesus still has compassion on us and wants to shepherd us to Peace! He is our Peace!

Have a blessed Sunday!


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