Just Love!


Romans 12:14-21


“Whenever anything disagreeable or displeasing happens to you, remember Christ crucified and be silent.” St. John of the Cross


In the Spiritual life we are going to find many friends and many enemies. Friends will stay with you because they will know your  heart. Enemies will arise because your way of life,  they are not able to tolerate. Both friends and enemies are important in one’s Spiritual development. This all part of following the Will of the Father!


The Father sent the Son so that we can become the creation that we were meant to be. Jesus reveals the Will of the Father! Jesus had many friends but he also had many enemies. This reality did not change the way He lived. In our Lord’s earthly life He loved all people. Jesus is God! He could have destroyed anyone against Him, but that would be against the Father’s Will.


Jesus had His Disciples and His enemies, both were important. The Disciples would bring the Way of Jesus to the World. His enemies like the Pharisees and the Sadducees, because they had a vested interest in their way of doing things, would try to destroy Jesus.


O necessary fault!


Because of the enemies of Jesus, the Divine Plan is accomplished! Without the enemies of Jesus we would not know true love. Those who could not follow Jesus,  crucified Him. Jesus died for them too! But death had no power over Him! Jesus rose from the dead! LOVE WIN!


What does that say about us? True followers of Jesus must treat people as Jesus did. We are Children of the Father! Jesus taught us, by word and example, how to live that way of the Godpel. Those who persecute us, we do not attack! Rather we love them in return!




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