Eternal Life Now!

Christ Our Life!

Amen, amen I say to you: He that believes in Me, has eternal life. John 6:47

Jesus is our everything! He is our Bread of Life! But to receive this awesome gift, we must believe.

Familiarity breeds contempt!

In St. John 6: 41-51 we see that those who were listening to Jesus, after He preformed a great miracle, remembered He was from a family in Nazareth and this became an obstacle to receiving the gift of eternal life from Him. But some did believe and experienced eternity in their lives, that is, Heaven in their lives.

We have a choice to make today!

Do we believe in Jesus enough that the very core of our lives are changed? Jesus prayed that the Father’s Kingdom would be a present reality on Earth as it is in Heaven. Are we ready to make this Eternal Kingdom present today in our lives?

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