Total Trust!

“Put out into the deep, and let down your net for a catch.”
Luke 5:4

Peter was the fisherman and he knew his job. This was not the time to let down your net to fish. It did not make sense. But Peter did it anyway!

Total Trust!

Peter’s surrendering what made sense for him, even when it went against all of his training and experience, gave Jesus the opportunity to show that He is Lord! Peter’s humbly following Jesus’ instructions revealed to him Jesus and his own unworthiness.

Jesus made another miracle. This however took much more time. Jesus would make this humble fisherman the Head Apostle of a worldwide movement that leads to salvation. Perhaps that is a bigger miracle, if we can say that, compared to the extraordinary catching of fish.

Peter’s transformation was gradual, and full of personal failures, but it was accomplished! All it took for him to be transformed was surrendering his will to Jesus!

Be humble and let Jesus work the miracle in our lives.


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