Let us be more like the Lord!

Find Your Colt!

They brought it to Jesus, threw their cloaks on the colt, and Jesus sat on it.
Luke 19:35

Happy Palm Sunday!

What a glorious day!

Palm Sunday brings back many awesome memories, but often what is forgotten is Jesus’ actions.

May we find time today to meditate on the reality that the Person who is the Son of God, lowered Himself to be one of us! Jesus rode on an animal of burden. When we look at what is important to us, let us remember that God rode a donkey and was not ashame. He ate with us and lived with us and modeled for us what is expected of us. It is never what we have, but always who we are, and how we treat one another.

As we travel through Holy Week, may we find our colt and be more like Jesus!


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