Humility Changes the World!

Humility is the Way!

For every one who exalts oneself will be humbled and everyone who humble oneself will be exalted.
Luke 14:11

Those who exalted themselves had Jesus nailed to the Cross, but humility leads to the Resurrection.

When a person exalts oneself they block the knowledge of God, they block the wisdom of God, and they block the Love and Peace Divine. They are not teachable.

Jesus is dangerous to the self-exalted!

Jesus is God the Son, and He chose to be born as an ordinary child. Jesus was raised as an ordinary person. However, He taught from a place of Divine Knowledge, Wisdom, Peace, and Love! Those who were self-exalted could not refute Him, hence, destroying Him was thought to be the way to destroy the message.

The self-exalted were wrong!

We know the history, on the third day, the Divine Teacher and His Divine message, rose from the dead! We are still being challenged by this Person and His Message!

To find true Peace and Love, we must be humble, that is, teachable! Let Jesus be in control!


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