We Begin Again!

Be Alert!

Watch therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.
Matthew 24:42

We are in a most wonderful time of the year. These days before Christmas are very special and give us memories that we will carry often for the rest of our lives. These special time are Divine Times. Do not miss them!

Along with these wonderful experiences are the stressful things we do make these times special. Some times we have to go through the stress to make the preparation for others to feel loved and appreciated. However, if we lose focus about why we are working so hard to make everything special, if we forget the reason for the season, then we may miss the true gift, Jesus! He wants to come into our lives and bring us His Love!

Do not miss Divine Love because we are too busy! Do not miss the memories we need to experience so that we can call on them when times get rough!

God gave us these times so that we can experience the peace that is beyond all understanding.

Leave an opening in our days during this stressful time of the year to receive Jesus who is coming, but we must be alert to receive Him!

Happy and prayerful Advent!



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