Jesus Is With Us!

May We Recognize Him On Our Journey In Life!

While they were talking and discussing with one another, Jesus drew near and went with them.
Luke 24:15

They were not alone in their distress.

The Disciples of Jesus were returning to their old lives. They were defeated. They were on the road to Emmaus. Their hope was gone, Jesus! Their hope, the one they gave up their former lives to follow, Jesus, was nailed to the Cross, suffered death, and was buried. There was tremendous sadness! All hope for them died on that Cross!

Jesus was available to them!

Death was defeated, but these disciples did not know this. But this fact would be made available to them. They welcomed the stranger, but the stranger was the Lord. Their defeat was transformed into Victory on that road!

We are disciples today!

In our journey in life, there will be times when we feel defeated. There will be times that hope is lost. Trust, we have not been abandoned! May we be open to recognized Jesus who is there on our journey and allow Him to bring us Victory.


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