Weed or Wheat

We can be wheat or weeds, it i our choice!

God understands our world better than we can. God’s understanding is perfect! The Parable of the Weeds and the Wheat helps us to understand the presence of evil in our world and why God allows it. The Mercy of the Almighty is perfect and in this Mercy everyone has an opportunity to become the Wheat of God. God is patient and kind and became on of us to reveal the road to be wheat.

It is possible for us to be weed (evil) at one point of our lives, and wheat (good) another point. It is also normal to vacílate between the good and evil at the same time.

Evil has destroyed so much in our world, but God loves the one who does evil; God love is all consuming. If we choose to change our ways from evil and surrender to God, then God can make us good. It is our choice and the Divine Desire!

When our time on this side of eternity has come to an end, may God finds us to be God’s Wheat.

You are in remembered at the Altar and in our prayers!


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