Where is your treasure?

The Pearl of Great Price

Jesus give us, through the literary form of the parable, a teaching that, if used, will transform our lives. One parable, that of the Pearl of Great Price, is a wonderful example of this teaching.

In the world we have many distractions that can take our focus away from that which truly matters. It can distract us from love. Especially in this extraordinary year of 2020, we may get caught up in things that can take us away from the Lord Jesus. In losing focus, we will lose the peace that the Lord has for us. The Parable of the Pearl of Great Price reminds us to concentrate on The Lord Jesus and His Word and put His Word into practice in everything we do and everyone we deal with. In doing so, though life gets rough, with the Spirit of the Father and Jesus, we can handle all things. We may even prosper!

Jesus is the Pearl that, if we hold on to it, we will find and remain in peace, even though our world may be in chaos.

Hold on to Jesus!

We are with you in prayer!


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