The Lord of the Storm

Jesus, the Lord of the Storm!

Matthew 14: 22-33

Our Lord, after teaching and healing and feeding the multitude, needed to commune with the Father. He sent His Disciples ahead of Him to the other side by boat. The Disciples were in a storm at sea and Jesus walked on the sea to join them. This was extraordinary and Jesus’ Disciples were in fear. Jesus explained that it was He. Peter, one of the Disciples, call out to Him, and asked to join Him on the sea. And Peter lost faith and started to sink.

Peter is so human! He tries to be good but he fails. He is such a normal human being and gives us normal people a powerful example of what to do when life overwhelms us. Peter give us a small prayer with great power: Lord, save me! Peter was grasped by Jesus and brought to safety.

This time we are in, the Pandemic of 2020, can get overwhelming at times. We, like Peter, may start to sink, but we have a Savior that is mighty to save! Jesus walks above all the tempests in life and will lift us to safety! Our power is found in prayer: Lord, save me! And He will!

We, the Community of Our Lady of Mount Caritas, are with you in prayer!


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