Be persistent in prayer!

Happy Second Day of the Octave of Prayer. The 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Please note that you can join us in prayer in whatever religious tradition that you are part of. Prayer is powerful and the Almighty hears and answers our prayers according to the Almighty’s Will.

Today we look at St. Matthew 15: 21-28. This selection provides a powerful teaching for us to apply to our lives. The Canaanite Woman would not take a no from Jesus. In her beseeching Our Lord, she teaches us that we must be determined in faith. Because in her faith that Jesus was her only hope, even though she was an outsider, her daughter was healed.

As we continue our Octave of Prayer, let us pray with the determination of the Canaanite Woman, knowing that Jesus wants to heal us and those whom we love.

Be persistent in faith! Be persistent in prayer!

We are with you in prayer!


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