Let us approach life in the Divine Way!

Are you envious because I Am generous!
Mt 20:15

The Parable of the Workers remind us that the Almighty does not think like human beings and when we get a glimpse into Divine Practice and Understanding, we see a generosity that out of this world!

The workers who started early in their day of labor for the Master expected the workers who started later not to get a full day of pay. It seems only fair in human standards. This is not the Supernatural approach to the laborer. There is only one payment for the workers for the Almighty; life forever! Regardless of the time we spend working for the Master, the reward is union with the Divine.

Jesus, remember me, when you come into Your Kingdom!
Lk 23:42

An example of the Almighty’s approach to us can be understood in the Crucifixion of the Lord Jesus. St. Dismas, in his final act in life, steals Heaven! He did not work the long day for the Master, at the last minutes of his life, he gave his life to Jesus and Jesus gave St. Dismas life eternal with Himself.

My ways are not your ways! Is 55:8

No matter how many times we fall short in our lives with the Almighty, the Almighty will take us back and renew our relationship with the Divine. We are paid in full!

We are with you in prayer!


St. Dismas, the Theft of Heaven

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