What is your opinion?

The Parable of the Two Sons

He came to the first son and said “Son, go out to work in the vineyard today.” He said, “I will not,” but afterwards changed his mind and went.
Mt 21: 28-29

The Parable of the Two Sons was used by Jesus to address the authorities of His religion, Judaism. It is a challenging one. It made them look at themselves and see what son are they most like. That is, the son who says no but does the work that needs to be done for the Father, or the son who is only a “Yes Person”. A “Yes Person” only has the appearance of following the Father’s wishes, but it is all show.

The wonderful thing, among many wonderful things about parables, is it has universal application to all of us.

Many times in our lives we may be one of the Sons. We may do the work of the Father or we may say yes to the Father’s Will and do our own thing.

Which Son are we in this season of our lives and what must we do to be more faithful?

We are with you in the struggle to be faithful and you are in the prayers of our Religious Community.


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