The Kingdom of Love!

Lord, when did we see you hungry?
Matthew 25:37

We conclude the Year of the Liturgy 2020 Sunday 21 November 2020. It has been a difficult year in many ways. The Pandemic of 2020 has created a time that we had to approach life differently. Yet we are here to talk about it. This year has given us the opportunity to experience our lives, and our faith in ways that required safe practices and creativity.

However one thing remains the same, Jesus Christ is King and expects us to love one another as He loves us!

As our High Holy Days approach, even in this new reality that we are living in, we must live as people who follow Christ the King! As we have been doing during this Year of 2020, we must utilize safe behaviors and still love one another.

We are called to be the Sheep of Jesus!

Let us encouraged one another in love and may all people see what Kingdom we are citizens of!

Reign OverLet Jesus Reign over us and may how we live bring His Kingdom more present in our World today!

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