Be Vigilant and Pray!

We begin the New Liturgical Year 2021 and our lives have been changed in ways never expected. We had to worship in ways very different from the past. We worshiped using a computer screen, a tablet or smartphone. When we could enter the Church building, we has to wear face coverings and keep six feet apart. Yet with these challenges, we still worshiped.

Liturgy is life! For believers prayer is the center of our being. From this center arises our actions. This First Sunday of Advent, we are reminded to stay alert. Alertness has saved our lives at all times, especially during the Pandemic of 2020. To be ready for our Lord’s return, we must be conscious of ourselves and our surroundings. In being prepared to receive the Lord we save our lives!

May this Advent help us to be prepared for whatever comes our way!


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