Who is Jesus to us?

Jesus asked the question:

Who do you say that I am? Mark 8:29

This is a very important question to answer for ourselves. If we are honest, it will determine how we live now and approach tomorrow.

How did St. Peter’s answer change the trajectory of his life?

We know that Peter led the Church in it’s infancy. We know that he would die as a result of his answer to the question of who is Jesus. We also know that Peter was far from being perfect. He ran away after Jesus was arrested on Good Friday. But he kept coming back!

Being a saint does not mean being perfect, rather it means keep coming back to Jesus!

Peter knew that his only hope was being with Jesus. He said this with his mouth, but more importantly, he lived Jesus!

Saints are role models for us!

It is probably the case that we will not have to die physically for Jesus, but we will have little deaths: death to hate, death to pride, death to greed and whatever is contrary to Jesus!

Jesus is the Christ! May we live Jesus!



Stay in Him!

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