We Must Be Servants!

If we want to be first, we must be last and the servants of all. Mark 9:35

Jesus challenged His Disciples to change their thinking about how authority over people was to be practiced. Jesus lived this form of servant leadership, yet the Disciples could not receive it and continued to hold on to the worldly approach to leadership. This is quite normal. We must remember that Jesus died on the Cross, the ultimate example of servant leadership!

Jesus calls us to a Divine Way of life!

Jesus realized that His message was too difficult for some people. But the message is true nevertheless.

If the followers of Jesus, in His days on Earth, or us today, see ourselves as servants, as willing to help all people regardless of what they can do for us, then we can change our world.

Jesus is still the answer!

The more we can become Jesus, the more we can bring the Divine Presence here and now; the more we can bring Heaven among us!

Have a great week!



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