Be The Change!

We Can Change Our World!

Truly I tell you, anyone who gives a cup of water in My Name, because they belong to Me, will be rewarded.
Mark 9:41

How can we change the World?

The key answer to this is, will we be the change?

If we live in the Almighty, and are available to the Almighty, then the Spirit of the Almighty can change us and through us, we are changing things.

We change the lives of others!

Jesus uses in His teaching about charity the giving a cup of water. Charity needs not be a grand action of giving tremendous things, rather it is creating in ourselves, through Divine Grace, a mindset of kindness.

In all things, be charitable!

Living charity changes us! If we give from our hearts not expecting anything in return, we allow this Grace of Peace to be born and remain in our lives.

We become the change that changes the World!


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