Allow the Blessings! Do Not Get In The Way!

Be Blest By Jesus!

And He took them in His arms a blessed them, laying His hands upon them. Mark 10:16

Jesus loves the little children, all children and all that come to Him like children and He blesses them!

Yes, in reality Jesus love everyone. However the childlike are very special because they can receive Him completely. The obstacles of the world do not interfere. The childlike are real, they are humble and because of these things they can receive Jesus in a complete way. They can be transformed!

Receive the blessings of Jesus!

It is hard to surrender all of the things we carry emotionally and mentally and receive Jesus’ blessings, but it is the way to peace.

Let us today present ourselves to Jesus!


Let us allow Jesus to give us peace regardless of all of the challenges we bare!


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