Serve the Lord!

Receive the Best!

Do whatever He tells you to do.
John 2:5

Jesus’ Mother had her Son help a couple make their wedding day special. Jesus in doing this sign shows His love for people. However, those involved in this miracle had to follow what Jesus told them to do.

Jesus uses us, we are the servant at the wedding we call life!

The waiters in the Wedding of Cana, did not understand why Jesus told them to pure water. Why? How does that make sense?

Following Jesus does not have to make sense, but if we do, our situations in life will be transformed.

But you have kept the good wine until now.
John 2:10

Water was turned into the choicest wine, a way was made out on no way, because Jesus got involved in the situation.

Let Jesus have all of our situations and do what He tells us to do!

Let us live lives of Jesus’ love!

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