Be Christlike!

All Is Fulfilled!

And He began to say to them, “Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.”
Luke 4:21

Can we live the fulfillment?

Jesus said:

He came to bring good news to the poor!

He came to proclaim release to captives!

He came to bring recovery of sight to the blind!

He came to set liberty those who are oppressed!

Living in Jesus brings fulfillment to His promises!

As we begin each day, may we ask ourselves how will we accomplish Jesus in all of our interactions?

Before we go to bed each night, may we look at our thoughts, words and deeds done that day, and see if Jesus was lived in them?

May we pray for forgiveness for our shortcomings and as we wake, commit ourselves to be Christlike in the new day.

May we always take Jesus seriously and always be like Him!


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