Happy 2023!

We Begin Anew!

But Mary kept all of these things, pondering them in her heart.
Luke 2: 19

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, give us many important lessons, however little is recorded of her words. Mary’s actions speak loudly and are helpful for us to live in the world with peace.

Mary pondered!

In this Christmas reading above, we hear that Mary pondered on the shepherds’ visit and what they said about Jesus. She meditated on this experience and kept it in her heart. She would use it in her future. These ponderings would help her deal with whatever came her way.

May we follow this example as we begin a new year! Events will happen in our lives, good and not so good, but they still provide a lesson for us.

We do not stay in the past, but we ponder it’s significance!

The last three years have been often difficult, and pray God, this year will be less challenging! However, let us not forget the lessons we have learn, have an attitude of gratitude that we are still here, and appreciate one another!

New Year’s Blessings!



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