Keep Moving Toward The Light!

The Star is There, Trust!

When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy…
Matthew 3: 10

Happy Epiphany Sunday!

The above selection from the Gospel of St. Matthew points out the feelings of the Magi who had come to follow the Star. This light was a message for them of something great happening in the world. But then the Star disappeared!

The Star remained, but they could not see it!

They walked into a place of great darkness that covered their vision of the light of the Star!

The Wise Ones passed through the darkness in Trust!

Experience the joy they had felt! Their perseverance was rewarded, they met and adored the “Source of the Light “, Jesus!

May we follow the example of the Magi, when darkness comes our way, remember the Star is still there!

Move forward in Total Trust!


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